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FROGotten Genders

Endocrine disruptor or flying trash compactor? Hi all, Diego here for FrogTV, and I’m having a little trouble with this tongue twister. Triball helps me answer the question of, “What does this steaming plate of food have to do with mutant frogs?” A lot, it seems, with evidence indicating the common weed killer atrazine, used …

July 22nd, 2014  |  Published in FrogTV

What to do? Oh, what to do?

Sure, the problems can seem so big that it feels like there’s nothing we can do. But if a little three-eyed frog can stand up to make a difference, then so can you. Start Small Focus on your own body and your family. You can do a lot to reduce your exposure to chemicals with …

November 13th, 2013  |  Published in FrogTV

Credit Where Credit is Due

See all FrogTV posts Know this about Triball: He never asked to be a member of an indicator species. But he is. In this crazy world we live in, a world soaked with toxins that muddy our genes and spawn strange new beings, his story becomes ours. In dark times a little humor goes a …

November 13th, 2013  |  Published in FrogTV

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