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SuperWeed Body Builders

Diego here, with FrogTV. Crazy stuff is happening in our world. In this episode, I hosted an out-of-the-ordinary body building contest whose top contestants are GMO Superweeds. Superweeds are the unintended consequence of genetically engineered crops gone out of control, and a certain very dangerous weedkiller is being used more and more these days, thanks …

May 18th, 2015  |  Published in Featured Post, FrogTV

“Seedy Genetics,” an Investigation by Triball, P.I.

Triball, Private Tri-Eye, here for FrogTV. With three eyes on the case, you might think I could easily identify genetically engineered (GE) foods, right? Guess again. I can’t. And you can’t either. Which is weird because two-thirds of the food in most kitchens almost certainly includes at least one genetically engineered ingredient. Trouble is, none …

April 22nd, 2015  |  Published in FrogTV

A Troubled Past

Triball here, with FrogTV, coming to you from 1987 and 1996. Diego and I have traveled back in time to examine the origins of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It’s a troubled past, includes viruses and guns, and it’s equally troubled present includes mushy corn, self-created poisons and herbicide resistance. Scary stuff!   What to do, …

April 8th, 2015  |  Published in Featured Post, FrogTV

The Potty Dance

Dangerous pesticides in the urine of children? It’s enough to make anyone squirm. Fortunately, a change in diet to organic food can provide dramatic and immediate relief. Watch the “Potty Dance” to see what these kids are squirming over. 23 elementary-aged children in suburban Seattle participated in a 15 day study which was divided into …

March 24th, 2015  |  Published in Featured Post, FrogTV

Baby’s New Shoes

Diego here with another episode of FrogTV. Obesity is gaining on us and may be getting a jump start in the womb. You can’t open a newspaper, turn on the TV or surf the Web these days without hearing about the topic. You can certainly see it nearly anywhere you look in America today. Too …

March 11th, 2015  |  Published in Featured Post, FrogTV

How are your kids…before they’re kids?

How are the kids…before they’re kids? Diego here. This week on FrogTV, Triball takes a look. He explores some very serious threats and finds that in today’s world, kids face significant health risks before they even enter the world. Really! This is a difficult subject, and the webisode this week, “Baby’s First,” is the first …

February 27th, 2015  |  Published in Featured Post, FrogTV

Turbulence at 10,000 Feet. Trouble Below.

This is Captain Triball speaking. We are now cruising at 10,000 feet. Please remain seated and buckled for the duration of our flight due to guaranteed turbulence. If you feel sick at any time — and you very likely will because the topic this week is birth defects — please locate and use the nearest …

February 18th, 2015  |  Published in Featured Post, FrogTV

Womb Service (or, Zero Appetite in Zero Gravity)

Triball and Diego here, reporting to you from miles and miles above the surface of the earth, boldly going where no amphibian has gone before. Out here in space, the two of us are utterly dependant on the food this spaceship provides. We sure hope it’s safe… Conditions on our spaceship are eerily similar to …

January 21st, 2015  |  Published in Featured Post, FrogTV


Diego here for FrogTV. If there’s one fact to remember about atrazine, it’s this: Atrazine is banned in the country where its parent company is based. That’s right, banned. The country is Switzerland, which along with many other countries, including the entire European Union (EU), has outlawed this agricultural pesticide. Triball has seen a lot …

January 7th, 2015  |  Published in Featured Post, FrogTV

Endocrine disruptors: masters of disguise

An endocrine disruptor is a chemical that can interfere with communication between living cells. The EDC (endocrine disrupting chemical) mimics naturally occurring hormones in and actually binds to hormone receptors in the cell as a hormone would. This changes the activity of the cell in often unpredictable ways. And because the effects are so unpredictable, …

December 23rd, 2014  |  Published in Featured Post, FrogTV

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