What is Earth Dinner?

“The act of putting into your mouth what the earth has grown is
perhaps your most direct interaction with the earth.” – Frances Moore Lappé

Shana_Picture 144_web sizeHave you ever noticed that every holiday has a food tradition—except Earth Day? We thought Earth Day deserved a celebration, too, so back in 2004, we created one. It made sense that an Earth Day food tradition should revolve around local, sustainable and organic cuisine—cuisine that cares for the planet—paired with honest and meaningful discussion about the impact we have (for good or bad) on the environment.

What developed is today a joyful, animated and inspiring, food-focused party held at least once a year, connecting people to the earth, their food and each other.

We kick off Earth Dinners on Earth Day, but an Earth Dinner can be held at any time of the year (for example, harvest time is a perfect time for local, seasonal foods). Make it Earth Day any day!

We believe incorporating the philosophies of supporting local, sustainable and organic foods will help keep our planet’s land, air, water and inhabitants healthy for generations to come.


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Mother of Earth Dinner: Theresa Marquez


A pioneer of the natural foods movement, Theresa has been a passionate advocate for organic food and farming since 1978. Well known for her unwavering belief that organic is the key to solving many of the challenges we face today in the food system, Theresa has demonstrated that organic can make a difference for farmers, citizens and the planet. Theresa and a wonderful team of creative minds birthed the Earth Dinner idea back in 2003, when Theresa was chief marketing executive for Organic Valley / CROPP Cooperative. Today she is honored to serve the cooperative as its first mission executive, a position in which she can ensure the CROPP mission will be upheld into the next generation of cooperative leadership and pursue her passion for educating about and advocating for organic food and farming. Read more of Theresa’s Rootstock musings.


Author of the Earth Dinner Card Deck: Douglas Love

DouglasLove_headshot_web sizeAuthor of more than 25 books and three-time Parent’s Choice Award winner for his Disney and HBO television series, Douglas Love is a content pioneer. His World Book Encyclopedia learning websites boast more than 26 million subscribers in more than 30 countries. His career was launched in the mid-‘80s when he co-wrote Marlo Thomas’s Free to Be…You and Me for the stage, published by Rogers and Hammerstein Theatre Library. He has been the Kid’s Creativity Expert for ABC News, and his online product, Dramatic Learning, is the largest classroom-based arts education program in the world. www.DouglasLove.com.

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